The Misssing Chair Leg Dilemna EP

by Screenatorium

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released July 6, 2013

All songs written, recorded, and mixed by Screenatorium

Screen Djeh : beats, bass, turntables, lyrics, FX, additional guitar
Lime Kain : keyboards, violins
Samuel Vene : trumpet

Vocals by Leïla Mac Avoy, Astrid Van Peeterssen, and Emilienne Chouadossi

Artwork by Nawelle Saïdi




Screenatorium France

Screenatorium is a french trip hop / downtempo collective formed around the beatmaker Screen Djeh.

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Track Name: Good Thing (intro)
I appreciate you're making time to come see me
I called you because I thought like we should talk
But you'll see that's a good thing...
Track Name: A Certain Shade Of Blue (ft. Leïla Mac Avoy)
Woke up this morning
could'nt get out my door
I keep wondering
did you play

I say why
all those question in my mind
I say why
all thoses question in
my mind

yayyh X2

all those question in my mind
I say why
all thoses question in
my mind

You say the window is open
I shoul let you go
But I won't spread dem wings
Until I get a clue of what's going on
You say I should stay strong
Track Name: Hidden (ft. Astrid Van Peeterssen)
I'm not sorry for you
sorry for two
you made your mistakes
show me what it takes
(to come clean)

I got anger for you
ain't something new
those things I won't say
some parts I won't play
(remains real)

Hidden was the case
and nothing really matters
Track Name: Sparkle (ft. Emilienne Chouadossi)
Until I learn to live and let go
Until my hatred goes below zero
Until the faded ones get to shine
Until the wicked child goes to hide

I'll lead the way
I'll seize the day
and sing